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Thanks for the follow up and you have the absolute best product for phone carry. I am a firefighter and it is exactly what I need with no fluff! keep up the good work.

I just received my order. Thank you for such a speedy order fulfillment especially so close to Christmas. The design and materials of this very well made holster is absolutely brilliant! Being a native of Portland, I couldn’t be more proud to have made this purchase!!! Happy Holidays! My best,

I purchased a belt and an iPhone 6+ holster from you about 5 years ago. I sent my phone dimensions and you made the holster. I've taken them on trips to Rome, Africa, Mexico and many places here in the USA. Great products. Showing no wear. If I change phones I will definitely have you make me another holster. I love that they're made in Oregon. Thanks, —Mike

Got it today. Wow! The fit is perfect! The phone goes in and out fairly easily with just enough friction to keep it in place and not move around. Thank you for all your effort. It is much appreciated.

I have been a huge fan of your holsters. Gave one to my son in the Marine Corp for Christmas, now everyone in his unit owns one because of their durability. Great stuff!!

I've been using the holster for few days now.....I REALLY love it!!...I can highly recommend it! Thank you for making a great American product.

I wanted to follow up with you on my Answer 400. I love it! I have used it on a trip and in everyday usage. It holds my iPhone 6 well, and gives easy access, while keeping it secure the rest of the time. I will recommend it to others. Thank you for a great product for those of us who do not put our smartphones in our pockets!

Just thought I’d let you know that I ordered a second 500 (in tan) because I love my first one (black) so much! I never write reviews, but this case is so comfortable, unostentatious, and simple that I had to comment. Let me know if you ever make it in other (subtle) colors!

I just received my Answer 400 today and it is perfect! What a relief to have my iPhone 6 Plus off of my belt. I was skeptical about the “one hand operation” because my phone is in an Otterbox Defender case but it didn’t fail me, it worked just as described. The quality in workmanship is excellent as well as the stylish look. The staff was nice and very responsive to the emails that I sent asking questions. Thank you for an excellent product from a very satisfied customer!

This is just a short note to tell you that I am extremely happy with my iPhone 6 plus holster. I just received it today, and started using it immediately ... what a wonderful design ... as I mentioned to you over the phone, sometimes the simplest of designs are the toughest to create…and you did it all ... simple, well-made, fits my Urban Armor Gear Silver case perfectly, is heavy-duty, unobtrusive, and fully functional for my iPhone 6 plus ... I have looked at hundreds of holster designs, and yours is the best!

My phone case was delivered yesterday and I am delighted with the fit and quality. The design is brilliant and the workmanship is top notch. AND made in the USA! So perhaps that very label should be added to the product. That's the only change I would suggest. Thank you.

I’m compelled to let you how absolutely perfect the Answer product works for carrying my iPhone 6+. It’s the best design on the market for my needs and the quality of materials and superb workmanship are second to none. There was a wee bit of apprehension during the custom order process concerning the fit but I followed the instructions to make the measurements and the fit could not be better to accommodate my iPhone 6+ with its leather flip case. Thank you very much,

Just received my iPhone 6 plus holster - fantastic! Design superb, workmanship top class. I echo a previous comment that it’s nice to get something made in the USA.

Wow fantastic customer service!! I had a couple of questions which I emailed and had very prompt, friendly and helpful replies. There are lots of business's that could learn from these guys!! I've only just placed my order and not yet received it but If the holster is half as good as the costumer service its going to be just brilliant!
—Kevin, Norfolk, UK.

I received my phone holster yesterday, and had to let you guys know what a superior product you have. For weeks I had been just keeping my iPhone 6+ with Otter Defender case in my pockets. This was never comfortable, either walking or sitting. The Answer 400 is just that...... the answer!
I've looked around various web sites, and have ordered a few holsters, only to be disappointed, by the shabby construction, and the promise of a "comfortable fit". I had given up on ever finding a holster that would suit my needs. I just happened across an article about iPhone 6+ cases on Facebook. Your company was one of a few featured. But only yours said it would fit my phone with an Otter Defender Case.
I must admit, due to past purchases from inferior dealers, I was a little leery, as to how it would look fit and feel. As soon as opened the package, I took my phone out of my pocket (for the last time), and tried it in the holster. It fit like a glove!! My phone is now easy to store and remove, and when its closed I know its secure.
I have every intention of telling my friends of your products, and I know they will be as satisfied as I am. Thanks and good luck,

After many months of using your holster for my iPhone 6+, I can’t say enough great things about it. It is extremely heavy duty, and the velcro cover strap, as well as the rest of my holster shows absolutely no signs of wear. You know, one day I had misplaced my simple.be holster, and I went crazy looking for it.... It is totally attached to my body, almost like one of my arms or legs! I just don’t know what I would do without it! Whether I’m working on my hobby car, or at work, my holster will never leave my side. What more can I say, an extremely well-made product that will literally last a lifetime!

Just received my iPhone 6 holster and wanted to tell you what a great product! The fit and function are awesome. The phone comes out easy, but it is not at all sloppy, its perfect! Thanks for a great holster.

Received the two THE ANSWER phone holsters today, and they both fit like a glove! I absolutely love them. You guys did a fantastic job, and I’m referring you to any coworkers who ask about my cool new holsters. Thanks!

The holster was received today, Thursday. It is PERFECT!!!! Thanks for the note! This is a GREAT product and exactly what I needed!

I got the new The Answer Prototype for my iPhone 6 Plus and it’s perfect! This was exactly the thing I needed for this phone and the fit is great. I really appreciate the quick turn-around time as well, as it arrived on Thursday or Friday last week. It’s a really nice product that is elegant in it’s simplicity. It appears to be extremely durable, which is good, as it is going to see daily use. Again, many thanks for the great product and quick delivery! Cheers,

Just to let you know - my husband is very happy with his holster. He's pretty rough on things. So far, your case has not only held up well, but he gets compliments on how sharp it looks. He was worried at first that his otter box case would be tough to get in and out of the holster, but after a few days it got smooth enough to make it easy but still snug enough to hold his phone firmly. It's a great design and a clean look - best of all worlds! The BEST part, though, is there's nothing to break! If my Mr. Works-So-Hard-it's-Stupid can't break it, that's as good as it gets.
— Wendy

Back in February, I ordered a prototype The Answer sized for a Oneplus One and I wanted to express my satisfaction with the end result.
The size is pretty much a perfect fit; loose enough to easily slip the phone in and out one handed, but snug enough that the phone doesn’t shift around when fastened. The belt loop is large enough to be easily threaded onto most any belt, and also leaves the fastening at a very convenient height for access, given the length of my arms. The fastening Velcro is easy to release, but secure enough I have no worries about it coming undone. Also, it’s quiet enough when unfastening to be discreet, but loud enough to let me know if I’ve accidently caught it on something (or if someone else is trying to get at my phone, in theory). The material and quality of manufacture is, of course, durable enough I don’t have any worries about damaging it; I figure if anything capable of damaging The Answer hits me, I have greater concerns. I even like the way it looks. Admittedly, that’s much less important to me than how it functions, but it’s still a nice perk.
Overall, I have been very happy with this product. I’ve been using at least five days a week for the last couple months, in a job that involves a lot of getting in and out of vehicles, crawling under desks, shifting equipment, and using a wide variety of random desk chairs for eight hours a day. I still feel that The Answer is pretty much everything I was looking for in a phone holster. Many thanks,

The Answer is THE Answer. It is the best holster I have found for my phone.
— James

The prototype case you made is a perfect fit, thank you for the attention to detail. It is beautiful workmanship. I will be a repeat customer.

I've been using my holster for almost three weeks now and I love it! It's and simple and clean design and very durable. Previous to this I have been using a leather holster with a belt clip, but found that it often would get caught and come off when I was out in the brush photographing. Your belt loop does not have this problem! I love everything about this holster.
— Cole

The Answer works very well for me and I don't sit on my phone or fumble for it in my shirt pocket! Personally, I think it's the best thing SINCE the iPhone!
— Buck

I love your holsters. They are totally cool.
— Dave

I received The Answer cell phone holder today and it is fantastic. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
— Kathy

Just ordered! Alex has barely worn another belt after getting his first of these. Now he'll have a lil rainbow collection :)
— Olivia, California

The belt is wonderful for travel. I have gone through a bunch of metal detectors in the last few days and have had no issues/problems with being able to keep the belt on and of course not triggering an alarm on the detector. SIMPLE.BE makes great stuff!
— Anthony Klang, Cruise Planners

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